Name: 4G 1080P High Definition Hard Disk Mobile DVR
Part No.
HDVR8045GW/HDVR8085GW  4G  1080P  High Hard Disk Mobile DVR
NOTE: These models are not available in North America(including USA, Canada, Mexico)
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1080 p hd video playback







Model HDVR004
System Operating System Linux 2.6 
Start up Time <20 seconds (From power on to recording)
Operator Interface English / Simplified Chinese/Russian
Storage SD Card (up to 128GB)
Video System H.264 Main/High Profile, HD 1080p30/720p30/540p30 Recording for each channel
Voltage Input / Output Input: 8 V ~ 32 V DC, Output: 12V/1.5A (4 channels)
Video Video Input Maximum 4 x 1080p/720p camera inputs
Video output Note book/iPhone/iPad/Android Pad/Android Phone
Preview 1 image / 4 images
Standard Stream ISO 14496-10
Recording Resolution Selectable (1920x1080, 1280x720, 960x540)
Recording Supports normal, schedule, alarm recording and continuous
Video Compression H.264 (High profile up to level 4.1)
Max fps (total) 120fps@1080p
Audio Audio Input Build in Camera
Audio compression AAC (16bit, 48KHz)
 Interface I/O LAN  1(RJ-45)  10M / 100M Ethernet port 
USB Supports USB 2.0 for U-Disk recording
Serial RS-232×1
Network WiFi Build in 802.11b/g/n AP, speed up to 300Mbps
Protocolo TCP / IP
Communication 3G/EDGE/GPRS/CDMA (Only for HDVR004GW)
Alarm & Sensor Inputs 3 Alarm input, 1 speed, 1 ignition, 1 Panic button, G-Sensor
Outputs 1 Beeper, Alarm LED, Email
Multi-mode Activation by video loss, maximum permissible speed, Collision, SD space, Video Motion, etc..
Power Supply Ignition key Recording starts when ignition is on, stops with delay time when ignition is off.
Power Consumption Average 2.0W (with SD and without providing power for the cameras)
Physical Characters Dimension 12cm x 9cm x 2cm (4,75 "x 3,5" x 0,8 ")
Weight 0.57kgs 
Others Backup By WiFi (300Mbps, Actual download speed up to 150Mbps)
Clock Internal, permanent calendar, Time sync from GPS (if available)
GPS GPS/GLONASS module external
Function Dual Streaming Allows you to configure the frame rate of different transmission frame rate recording and bandwidth control
Self-protection Protection against overload, short circuit and reverse polarity
Reset Option to return to factory default setting
SD memory Support SD card x 1 (support SDXC, up to 2TB)
LED’s Indicates Power, RUN, Alarm, Media Access, Recording status, network and 3G
Method of writing and reading of data Overwrite ON/OFF selectable
Synchronization time GPS Time Synch / NTP (Network Time Protocol) Time Synch via networking
Environment Operating Temperature  -30 ~ 60°C  
Relative humidity  5% - 95%
Vibration resistance  < 3 Grms
Resistance to mechanical shock  < 1200 Grms
Embedded Software Config. FPS per channel allows (1~30fps)
ID records vehicle license plate allows
USB Record
Rename channels allows
Watermark fixed
Schedule Settings hour, minute, 3 time plans per day
Image Playback Includes date and time, latitude and longitude, vehicle speed, and vehicle ID plate and name or channel number
Playback Speed Speed ​​forward 1x ~ 16x
Product Description

The HDVR unit consists of the following major components:
Standard Components and Features
·           Extruded aluminum case (the case is anodized in black).
·           Front and rear panels.
·           Mother Board.
·           Powercables.
·           Power input 2 amp fuses (2).
·           Tamper proof and lockable security enclosure.
·           Panel lock with (2) keys for locking the security enclosure.
·           Removable SD card, Class 10, minimum (customer supplied).
Optional Components and Features
·           GPS speed and location data overlay.
·           Extension cable for easy connection and installation.
Product Main Features
·           Embedded operating system, assuring reliability and system integrity.
·           Records up to four channels of full-motion color video with corresponding audio tracks.
·           H.264 High Profile video compression.
·           Total Record resource up to 120 1080P frame/second.
·           Lockable security enclosure.
·           Front panel USB2 port for recording to a flash card as an optional storage device.
·           Ignition sense that provides DVR power-on in recording mode when the bus is started.
·           Power-off delay record when the bus is shut-down with operator-selected delay times.
Video And Audio
·           H.264 High Profile video compression, real time recording 1080p30, 720p30 and 540p30 for each channel. Frame rate adjustable for each channel.
·           Audio compression:16bit 48KHz AAC codec. This codec offers high compression with high quality audio.
·           1080Presolution for each channel, which means each channel support1920x1080 @30fps.
·           Support 4 channel real time1080Pvideo and 4 channel audio recording.
·           Real time live HD video and audio through WiFi, support Windows, Android and iOS
·           Recorded HD video and audio real time playback over WiFi
GPS Time Synchronization & Time Zone
·           Synchronize the DVR system time with GPS automatically
·           Support All Time Zones Worldwide
·           Support DST (Daylight Saving Time)
Power Management
·           Reliable power management, wide voltage: +8V~+32VDC; The power input is protected against short positive transient (1500 watts peak pulse power capability with a 10x1000 us waveform); The power input is protected against negative voltage. Applicable for vehicles with +12V or +24V battery.
·           The recorder provides each camera with stable +12V DC power; DVR can detect the short cut on power circuit.
·           Can use ignition to control the power.
·           DVR can monitor battery voltage after Ignition off, and auto into sleep mode when voltage is bellow specified level.
Recording mode
·           Continuous record.
·           Support schedule recording.
·           Support alarm recording.
Speed and Vehicle status recording
·           Record vehicle speed and car id with audio and video.
·           Support 5 sensors, can be connected to speed, ignition, brake, return, right turn, left turn light etc.
·           Over-speed alarm and trigger recording with separated files
·           X, Y, Z axis accelerometer
·           Recorded G-Sensor Values can provide reference of data analyzing when accidence happened
·           Combined Recording can be triggered when G-Sensor values go beyond threshold
SD card
·           Support SDHC card within 32GByte.
·           Support SDXC card more than 64GByte (Maxim 2048GByte)
·           Support hot-plug when the DVR system is not recording or remote-operation(remote copying or playing back)
Note: If you remove the SD card while recording or operating (remote copying or playing back), it might cause the damage of the files on SD card. While recording, the yellow light on the front panel will be on. So please stop recording or operating until the yellow light is off if you need to remove the SD card.
Multiple player supported
You may use manufacturer’s PC Playback Software or any of the following third party media player to play back the record file.
·           VLC media player (version1.0.0 or above);
·           Storm player (Version 2009 or above);
·           Winamp (Version 5.531 or above).