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Armored car solution

              Functional analysis                 

4G remote monitoring and positioning
You could view real time video and detail location of ours management software(CMSV6)

The escort can manually alarm when necessary, requesting center support,
The escort personnel wear the 4G law enforcement instrument and can simultaneously alarm with one button.


The escort can talk to the monitoring center by hand-held intercom or headset, 
The escort can also use the 4G law enforcement recorder to talk to the platform by 4G

Multi-angle no dead angle monitoring

The escort can monitor the condition  inside and outside of the car at any time.

Friendly Software Management (CMSV6)

The same management software ,it`s easy to management and check.
Also could save video into Cloud Server

Real-time positioning and historical track recording

Real-time location of the cash-carrying vehicle through the computer client/mobile APP, 
and record its driving track to grasp the real-time trend.

Lighter, smaller, and easier to install