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Taxi Solution

Functional analysis

Multiple cameras can be monitored in all directions

Camera resolution up to 1080P, comprehensive monitoring of taxis.
support for high-definition display,support for rear view and side view
Achieve in-vehicle image-assisted driving, increase driving visibility, eliminate driving blind spots
Adopted 2 megapixel, 1080P HD video mode

●Support 4 digital HD camera, support 4 analog HD camera or ordinary analog camera
●Yizhi Technology's 1080P digital full HD camera can be used in higher quality requirements
● At the same time, it can be compatible with the analog camera and wiring on the original car, which can greatly save engineering cost.
Remote network real-time video monitoring taxi car situation

Realize 4G remote monitoring images and real-time monitoring through computer client/mobile APP.
real-time monitoring of taxis.

GPS/Beidou positioning system

The control center can conduct emergency command and dispatch of vehicles
Real-time positioning and historical track recording

Real-time positioning of the taxi car position through the computer client/mobile APP.
recording the taxi track and mastering the real-time taxi movement.
Remote download

The video segment can be downloaded remotely, 
and the video segment can be quickly retrieved for analysis when an accident occurs.
Support remote upgrade and settings

support SMS settings
One-click real-time alarm to quickly respond to on-site


Speed record,Speed alarm

Lighter, smaller, and easier to install