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Truck Solution

Multiple cameras, 1080P for each channel

Mobile DVR from Easy Storage supports up to 8-channels, resolution up to 1080P, comprehensive monitoring for trucks and cargo.

Support 4-ch HD cameras and 4-ch AHD/analog cameras

If there are analog cameras existing in your truck.
our HDVR can be compatible with the old analog cameras and work together with new HD cameras, save the cost for wiring.

Live Video via 4G

Watch real-time video and listen real-time audio on PC Client software or Mobile APP via 4G.
User can monitor multiple trucks at the same time, make sure the safety of cargo.

Live Tracking and historical track playback

Real-time location, historical driving track can be clearly searched on Google Map via PC Client software or Mobile APP. 
User can get the real-time location of truck at any time.

Remote Video Download via 4G

When there is an accident.
user can download the video files from server or DVR storage remotely via PC Client software.

Remote upgrade and setting via 4G/SMS

Remote upgrade can reduce the maintenance work when the truck is far away.

Power off Delay

When the truck stops at a rest station, ignition is off, DVR can keep recording at a period of time to ensure the safety of cargo.

Work with HD Monitor
Switch rear view camera to full screen automatically when truck returns.
Switch side view cameras to full screen automatically when vehicle turn right/left. 
Can set switching timeout when right/left signal blinks.
In addition, HD cameras and HD Monitor can increase driving visibility and eliminate driving blind spots.

Idling too long Alarm

User can set “Idling too long alarm” in DVR.
When the truck is idling for a period of time, DVR will create alarm videos and send alarm to the platform.
This can monitor the safety of cargo and the efficiency of driver during transportation. 

Painc Button

Under emegency condition, press the panic button, alarm video will be saved and alarm information will be uploaded to the platform.

Lighter, Smaller, Easier to install