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Easy Storage Launched H.265 4G Body Camera

Easy Storage Launched H.265 4G Body Camera

On April 18th, Easy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. officially announced that the 4G body camera supporting the H.265 encoding format was formally launched. This new product is yet another masterpiece after Easy Storage first introduced the 4G body camera based on the embedded Linux system in the industry. The 4G Body Camera is using the Ambarella (NASDAQ :AMBA) S3 series video encoding processing chip, which fully supports the latest H.265 compression standard and provides twice processing power than the H.264 that most current body cameras use. The H.265 4G body camera released by Easy Storage can provide excellent video quality at ultra-low video bit rates, optimize network bandwidth utilization, and reduce storage costs.

Same Image Quality, Half of Storage

The H.265 video coding technology adopted by Easy Storage’s 4G body camera is a new video coding standard developed after H.264. The H.265 standard revolves around the existing video coding standard H.264, retaining some of the original technologies and improving some related technologies. The new technology uses advanced techniques to improve encoding quality, reduce latency, and use better algorithm to achieve optimal settings.
The use of H.265 video coding technology by body camera can significantly reduce the capacity requirements of the body camera's local memory card, requiring only 50% of the original storage capacity under the same image quality requirements. At the same time, the storage space of the video file at the collection station can be greatly reduced. When the collection station uses the same disk space configuration, the time of the video file that can be saved can be doubled.

Reduce the Bandwidth Requirement for Video Transmission by Half

Easy Storage's new 4G body camera adopts 4G remote transmission technology and can realize remote video monitoring, remote audio monitoring, remote positioning, real-time intercom, and real-time alarm report through 4G network. By using H.265 video compression technology, higher-quality live video can be transmitted in a limited bandwidth, and only half of the original bandwidth is required to transmit the same-quality image. With the limited 4G network bandwidth and limited video server bandwidth, this is undoubtedly a major breakthrough. Easy Storage's new 4G body camera adopts H.265 video coding technology, which can smoothly transmit 1080P full HD real-time video under 1.5Mbps bandwidth; at the same time, because the video transmission bandwidth is greatly reduced, the number of devices that the server can transmit images at the same time can be doubled.

Enhanced Video Quality

The H.265 video encoding technology adopted by the 4G body camera of Easy Storage provides more tools to enhance the image quality. The encoding unit can be selected from the smallest 8x8 to the largest 64x64 (H.264 only supports 16x16). Meanwhile, H.265's intra prediction mode supports 33 directions (H.264 supports only 8), and provides better motion compensation processing and vector prediction methods. Under the same conditions, using H.265 encoded image quality is more delicate, with a higher degree of color reproduction, which greatly enhance the image quality. This can greatly improve the local recording video quality of body cameras and the live video quality of 4G remote transmission. At the same time, it also lays a solid technical foundation for the use of higher resolution images in the future.

Compatible with H.264

Easy Storage's new 4G law enforcement instrument is also compatible with H.265 and H.264 algorithms, and can be freely switched between two image coding algorithms. This makes the product can use H.264 algorithm in video recording to be compatible with existing law enforcement instrument acquisition software system, and can also use H.265's efficient coding function in 4G image transmission to achieve higher real-time image effects.

About Easy Storage

Easy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. Since the company was established 16 years ago, Easy Storage has been committed to the development and production of video and audio products, and has rich product experience and engineering experience in the field of 4G image transmission. Easy Storage is a national high-tech enterprise in China. Its main products are body cameras and mobile DVR systems. The company pays attention to independent research and development of products, quality control, and has complete research and development, production and sales capabilities. For more company and product information, please visit the company's official website www.szest.com.